Apple Update WatchOS 7.2 New Cardio Fitness Notifications

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At the same time as Apple iOS 14.3 is upgraded, the official version of WatchOS 7.2 has also been updated. Apple watch user try update it, new features and improvements: New Cardio Fitness Notifications.

The maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise: which is VO2 max cardiopulmonary adaptability, and support for braille displays, The maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise, which can be improved by exercise. Cardiopulmonary adaptability to cardiovascular disease and high risk of death from various causes.

Usually, this function requires rigorous testing by professional device, which is not very convenient. Now you can test it on Apple Watch with WatchOS 7 version.

When the cardio fitness data detected by the user is less than 20% of the age group and gender, it will be display as low data. Apple Watch will sent user if the test data after the first notification has been received. If there is no improvement, you will receive a second notice in four months.

Since it takes time to improve and establish cardiopulmonary function, the frequency of reminders can give users time to improve their cardiopulmonary function.

According to Apple’s official information with change log, Apple Watch Series 3 and later version can use this function after installing WatchOS 7. you can choose active or passive measurement. The Apple Fitness+ test has very little impact on battery life.

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