Online Car-Hailing company DIDI Release the first customized Car


China Online ride-hailing company DiDI released the world’s first customized online car model: D1, In 2030, Didi’s customized online car-hailing will realize fully autonomous driving. D1 was jointly designed and developed by Didi and BYD.

DIDI model D1 through 550 million passengers, tens of millions of driver needs, and tens of billions of trip data on the platform to customize the design of in-car human-computer interaction, driver experience, and Internet of Vehicles for online car-hailing travel scenarios.

A customized car with a single-sided electric sliding door. customers can use the Didi Travel app to adjust the temperature and air volume of the air conditioning in the car, and heating seat function.

Background program can display the real-time power consumption, mileage, remaining power, failure rate within a week and air quality of each operating vehicle in the background.

Also retrieve the specific driving information and user reviews of each vehicle on the day, including the details of each single trip Total mileage, power consumption, driving time, average speed, etc.

Evaluate the driver’s civilized and safe driving through in-car sensors and passenger evaluation

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