Galaxy Z Fold 2 Adaptive Content on Screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Galaxy Z Fold 2 is not just a foldable phone, Screen can bring about the change of idea, change of interaction, and requires the adaptation of app.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 essentially looks like two smartphones stacked on, or just a tablets. experience of the large display screen is the main experience of Galaxy Z Fold 2. The vertical display is proportional to the text, the text remains unchanged, and the picture and video become larger. This makes it very comfortable to use the eyes, especially the experience of watching e-books, watching movies and playing games.

The multitasking window divides the screen into 2-3 blocks, and Galaxy z Fold 2 adds a one-key multi-window multitasking memory function, which can allocate large screens with one key.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 use the 2nd-gen hinge, which allows the screen on one side to hover freely, giving this product a seated, sitting on the desktop like a mini notebook PC.

The YouTube and Netflix apps can auto switch between phones, tablets and seated mode. The right side of the tablets mode is the recommendation bar. When the phones model is bent into a seated view, the upper part auto stretches into a video window, and the lower part becomes a program selection column.

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