How to turn Display Natural Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi mi 11 display

You know the display screen good quality of the Xiaomi Mi 11, feedback of own experience, about how to display natural mode on Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone.

The better color accuracy of the display natural mode of the Mi 11, default color style display adaptive, default display mode more attractive on android phones. advantage is gorgeous, but the disadvantage is the colors on a screen not true colors.

So, how to turn display mode to natural, enter the settings apps, select display, and touch color style. default mode “adaptive”, if select “advanced mode” switch to “natural” display mode.

The “natural” meaning of Xiaomi MIUI displayed in the original color, please try compared with the iPhone original color display turned off.

After the natural mode turned on, the display saturation will obviously decrease in a short time, If you are using the Xiaomi Mi 11, recommend trying this display mode.

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