How to use custom speaker audio on tesla


Tesla auto support broadcast custom audio on the outside of the car, if your Tesla Model S/3/X/Y reversing, the audio on the outside is not the default click sound, and this a cool custom audio, which can be the hawking sound of supermarket speakers, or old truck. “Please pay attention to reversing, please pay attention to reversing”

Tesla’s latest OTA update, support custom speaker audio on tesla

1, Use a another USB flash drive (do not use the driving recorder USB flash drive)

2, Create a new folder named Boombox in the root directory of the U disk

3, Put the custom audio files into this folder

4, Insert this U disk into the car (plug directly into the docking station, if there no docking station, use a USB to USB C plug)

5, The Tesla open “main menu” > “toy box” > “stereo speakers”

6, Turn on the “sound” switch, and select the file in the U disk from the drop-down list.

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