How watchOS 9.2 Boosted My Apple Watch Ultra’s Battery Life

Apple watch ultra

How Apple watchOS 9.2 Boosted My Apple Watch Ultra’s Battery Life? I recently upgraded from the Apple Watch Series 7 to the Ultra, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in battery life, old watch was draining 8% per hour during regular daily tasks and 18% per hour during workouts, which was extremely frustrating.

Updated my Apple Watch Ultra to Apple watchOS 9.2 and have been very impressed with the improvements, one of the standout features is battery life and low power mode, Apple Watch Ultra gets a boost in battery life with watchOS 9.2 update.

Apple watch Ultra drains at a much more manageable rate of 2% per hour, a huge improvement and makes the ultra a much more reliable and practical option for everyday wear and workouts.

I was interested in seeing how long my Apple Watch Ultra would last on Low Power Mode, so put it to the test, was pleasantly surprised to find that got a full 41.5 hours of use with 13% battery life remaining. a great result for a smartwatch, and it shows that the Apple Watch Ultra has excellent battery life using low power mode. Overall, very satisfied with the performance of my Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra has held up well with regular use, including workouts and two nights of sleep tracking, comparison to my old Apple Watch, the battery life on the watch Ultra has exceeded my expectations.

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