Huawei Official Huawei Mate X2 will be released on February 22


Huawei will release a new generation of flagship folding screen smartphones model HUAWEI Mate X2 on February 22. the new Mate X2 use inward-folding style, However, at the first-gen Mate X conference, Huawei Consumer BG CEO Yu Chengdong said: that Samsung inward-folding screen is a obsolete deisgn.

– inward-folding style screen size 8.01 inches,
– Kirin 9000 processor,
– Camera support 10X optical zoom,
– 4400 mAh battery + 66W fast charge

Folding screens are high-end and flagship design cutting-edge products, and the processor use top Kirin 9000 SoC. Of course, No matter what happens, invests mightily in Research and Development, and it can lead to significant breakthroughs.

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Registration application submitted by Huawei to the State Intellectual Property Office in 2019. It is an invention patent called “a foldable device” that can avoid screen creases.

According to the patent, this is a design scheme of a foldable flexible display panel, a first support member, a second support member and a connecting mechanism. By optimizing the connection method of each component, the display panel is prevented from being stretched or squeezed during the folding process, effectively reduce the crease problem of the folding screen.

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