HUAWEI Restart 4G Smartphone production line


HUAWEI Restart 4G Smartphone production line, Taiwanese smartphone parts manufacture company, will re-order this month, and mobile phone parts orders will gradually increase. more orders can be given to downstream parts partners.

China Mainland 4G market is becoming saturated, but there is still a vast space abroad. Huawei use 4G phones to keep to mobile business. but the HUAWEI flagship Smartphone lack of high-end SOC chips is a foregone conclusion.

Huawei should restart the production of 4G smartphones, which will inject new momentum into Taiwan’s cam lens and mobile soc chip industries. Qualcomm confirmed that the US authorities agreed to sell 4G chips to Huawei, Huawei should be build mid-range 4G phones.

HUAWEI re-orders the Smartphone part, even though it is a 4G LTE smartphone, companies such as phone part : lens cam factories and printed circuit boards are still expected to increase their revenue by the end of the year.

HUAWEI was listed on the Entity List by the US Department of Commerce in May last year, prohibiting US companies from shipping to HUAWEI before obtaining authorization.

The U.S. government decided in May this year to restrict semiconductor companies using American technology to produce components for Huawei, resulting in Taiwanese chip company MediaTek ( MTK ) unable to sell chips to HUAWEI.

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