Intel Arc launch A350M/A370M/A550M/A730M/A770M graphics cards for laptops

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Intel Arc launch A350M/A370M/A550M/A730M/A770M graphics cards for laptops. A series graphics card is divided into 3 model names, the first A3 series, come with “mainstream game” series model name A350M/A370M, A5 series (performance games) A550M and A7 series (top performance games) A770M launch in the summer 2022.

The Xe-HPG micro-architecture has a advanced features, with a sport six XE cores, six ray tracing units, Intel claims a 1.5x performance per watt advantage over its own IGP than previous-gen products, have an industry-leading media engine baked into each Arc GPU, supporting 8K60 12-bit HDR, 8K 10-bit HDR, VP9, XE Super Sampling, AV1 hardware acceleration, supported NLEs Premiere, After Effects, VEGAS Pro, DaVinci Resolve etc..

The connection supports up to DP 2.0 10G bandwidth, should UHBR 10 standard, support 40Gbps bandwidth? , supports dual 8K60 HDR, 4 * 4K120 HDR, and performance 1440p, DirectX 12 output.

The A3 series has Model A350M, A370M with 6 and 8 Xe cores, Power consumption is 25W to 35W for the A350M, and 35W to 50W for the A370M.

Model A550M has 16 Xe cores, 80W peak power consumption, A730M and A770M with 24 and 32 Xe cores, Power consumption is 80W to 120W for the A730M, Intel Arc A770M with 32 Xe cores, 16 GB GDDR6 VRAM and a 150 W Power consumption.

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