iPhone 15 Pro Taptic Engine Power Button: how work when the device is turned off?

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iPhone 15 Pro could feature a Taptic Engine power button, as reported by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, taking inspiration from vivo Nex 3, the Taptic Engine would work in tandem with a pressure sensor to offer users tactile feedback, but how would this feature work when the device is turned off?

One possible solution is that the Taptic Engine could have constant power, even when the iPhone 15 Pro is switched off, would likely be achieved by linking it to the power chip on the motherboard, it’s an interesting idea, although standby battery drain could be a concern. To mitigate this, Apple could develop a new module to manage Taptic buttons independently of the phone’s power state, similar to how the U1 chip works.

Taptic Engine would need to be charged, but in the event of total power loss, it could turn back on automatically when the iPhone 15 Pro is recharged, this is similar to how the Find My feature works. However, the complexity of the Taptic driver could make entering recovery and DFU mode more challenging, 60.5GHz wireless data transfer protocol used in the Apple Watch is a possibility, but since the iPhone 15 Pro still relies on USB-C, that option may not be available.

A Taptic Engine power button would undoubtedly be an exciting new feature for the iPhone 15 Pro, while there are still questions about how it will function in certain circumstances, it’s an intriguing development that could prove popular with users. Until we learn more, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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