Monitor Light Screenbar function and Reviews

screenbar lamp

Does the PC monitor or laptop display need to be screenbar lamp? first problem to know what function of the screenbar lamp, the lamp not illuminating the monitor screen, only illuminates the monitor screen working space, task lighting is light that shines directly down on the things in front.

Just a USB 5V power, avoiding reflectively glare off your computer screen and eyes look directly at the LED lamp beads. screenbar light source is from top to bottom. Compared with the traditional desk lamp, the problem of one side being cool light and the other being dark light due to your working space, reduces the discomfort caused by switching between light and dark.

The screenbar lamp is not only used as a desk lamp. The monitor screen is a self-illuminated body, but the surrounding lights at night will easily cause reflections on the monitor screen, commonly known as glare. It is easy to cause fatigue when watching for a long time, which will affect the health of vision.

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The function of the screenbar hanging lamp is to solve the problem of screen glare, By letting the LED light source hit the reflector, the reflector is reflecting to the desktop, thus forming asymmetrical light.

Xiaomi mijia screenbar lamp optical lens is directly embedded on the lamp panel, and the light irradiates the lens to produce refraction, thereby solving the glare problem.

So does the monitor need to be screenbar? If you work and play games in front of the monitor screen for a long time, the screenbar lamp very good avoiding reflectively glare off your computer screen provides users with superb eye-care.

The Benq and Xiaomi screenbar lamp, which have hot reviews on the market, can control the light through the wireless wifi touch module, Xiaomi screenbar on Vodabuy and Nextbuying price at 59.99 USD.

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