OnePlus 11 E4 OLED Display: The Future of LTPO 3.0 Display

OnePlus 11

The OPPO Find N2 and OnePlus 11 are both impressive smartphones when it comes to their camera capabilities, Find N2 boasts a 2x SONY IMX709 sensor, which has previously been used on the OPPO Reno series as the front camera and now appears as the rear camera on the OPPO Find N2, its RGBW technology allows for a surprising amount of light to enter the lens, resulting in high-quality images.

The OnePlus 11 also has a strong camera setup, featuring the same hardware as the Find N2 and a Sony IMX581 ultra-wide camera, in testing, the OnePlus 11 image adjustment and color processing were noted as being improved over the OnePlus 10 Pro, resulting in even better-looking photos.

Both the OPPO Find N2 and OnePlus 11 prioritize practicality and image quality, Whether you’re looking to capture stunning landscape shots or take beautiful portraits, help you get the perfect shot every time.

The Samsung E4 OLED used on the OnePlus 11 is indeed a standout feature of the phones, OnePlus official claim it is the world’s first to use LTPO 3.0 technology, which enables the screen to support dynamic frame change and intelligent scene adaptation, allows for a more efficient and smooth display experience, as the screen can adjust its refresh rate and power consumption based on the content being displayed.

The self-developed LTPO algorithm on the OnePlus 11 also allows for instantaneous rise and fall of the refresh rate, further improving the overall display performance.

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