OPPO concept phones use cloud scroll screen


OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020, with the theme of “Leap Transition and Goodness”, tech concepts, industry insights, and releases conceptual products and innovative technologies, with partners to explore the future of technology. November 17-18, Shenzhen China.

OPPO concept phones use cloud scroll screen and will release a new color management technology, The front camera uses a semi-circular turntable pop-up camera, which automatically pops up when the use it. The back of the fuselage uses three vertical shots, which are telephoto lens, wide-angle lens and ultra-wide-angle lens, and may use 15x hybrid zoom function.

OPPO 2nd generation AR glasses

OPPO 2nd generation AR glasses! use Qualcomm’s chip, future AR glasses will be used beyond smartphones, because they do not need to be hand-held and can be turned on at any time, 360° panoramic augmented virtual reality.

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