OPPO X 2021 OPPO Concept Model Name

OPPO X 2021.

OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept smartphones, just OPPO Future Technology Conference release, Shared three concept products: OPPO AR Glass 2021, OPPO CybeReal, and OPPO X 2021. OPPO 50W flash charging “biscuits” power adapter will be officially released on December 12!

OPPO X 2021

Roll Motor powertrain! OLED flexible scroll screen, minimum 6.7 inches, maximum 7.4 inches, the constant force motor inside the smartphone screen to expand and contract with a balanced force. A pulley scroll with a diameter of 6.8mm on the side of the smartphone allows the screen to always slide smoothly along the scroll.

After a lot of actual measurement, it is found that the screen is bent with this diameter, and there is almost no crease. the screen width is 70mm-107mm, equipped with a 6.8mm shaft, a constant force motor and a new support plate design, including 122 patents.

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