Qualcomm announces next-gen 5G modem X65 and X62 media interview

Qualcomm 5G modem X65

Qualcomm new 5G modem baseband X65 and X62, Qualcomm has a media interview, Gizmoweek ask few questions and Qualcomm FAQ about 5G modem X65 and X62 baseband.

Question: Does the Snapdragon 5G modem X65 use an integrated or a standalone on mobile phone chip? Snapdragon 5G modem X65 process is 4nm, does it mean that the next-gen flagship mobile platform is also 4nm? what process of Snapdragon modem X62?

Answer: Snapdragon X65 modem can be used in mobile phones as an integrated platform, or it can be provided to customers as a modem and radio frequency system alone, the key is to look at the customer’s design requirements, both forms exist.

For future product planning, cannot share more details for the time, Snapdragon modem X62 and modem X65 use the same manufacturing process, which is a 4nm process.

Question: Qualcomm deployment of dual 5G and other mobile SoC chip company will be faster than Qualcomm, and some of the latest products already support dual VoNR, would like to ask Qualcomm’s comment of the technology?

Answer: Dual SIM technology is a traditional technology, First, dual-SIM technology is user have two SIM cards, a full-service with both data and voice, and a other SIM card only voice functions, dual SIM at the same time, including a full-service card and a card that only supports voice services.

For example, whether the user chooses to support VoLTE on the secondary SIM or chooses to support VoNR on the secondary SIM.

From the mobile service company, have not officially commercialized VoNR services, next-gen 5G modem X65 and X62 support VoNR, now, 5G+5G technology secondary SIM card supports VoLTE and CS voice services(2G/3G voice + 4G VoLTE. )

In the future, with the deployment of VoNR by mobile service companies, will also support dual-SIM dual-VoNR, feature also be supported on latest Snapdragon X65 modem. Snapdragon mobile platforms, including Snapdragon 888, have software package upgrade plans, upgrade method is used to mobile service company plan for VoNR, help customers OTA upgrade it.

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