Qualcomm entry-level Snapdragon 480 brings 5G to even cheaper phones

Snapdragon 480

More 5G mid-range price smartphones will continue to shipped in 2021, Snapdragon 480 new lowest barrier of entry to smartphones built 5G mobile SoC. Qualcomm said AP performance is close to Snapdragon 720G and 730 SoC. allow higher performance and 5G support chips to sink to cheap phones.

Samsung’s 8nm chip process technology, the CPU is eight Kryo 460 cores ( big cor 2.0GHz A76*2 + small core 1.8GHz A55*6), the GPU Adreno 619 of the same model as the Snapdragon 750G, supports GPU driver updates, built Hexagon 686 processor , AI performance improved by 70%.

Snapdragon 480 series supports 3-ISP (ISP use Spectra 345 ) and three-cameras shoot at the same times, up to 64MP images 2520*1080 resolution, specifications that support the following functions should be mid-range phones in today.

– FHD+ Display + high refresh rate at 120Hz screen,
– Bluetooth 5.1,
– NFC,
– dual-mode GPS,
– QC4+ protocol fast charge
– Storage speed UFS 2.2,
– Memory speed LPDDR4x 2133Mhz.
– Built in X51 5G baseband,
– 2×2 Wi-Fi and 8×8 MU-MIMO
– Millimeter wave,
– Global Band, TDD, FDD 4G LTE, NSA and SA dual-mode 5G, Sub-6GHz, and dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), the transmission rate up to 2.5Gbps for upload 900Mbps for download.

Will see more brands of smartphones using this SoC in the first quarter of 2021, including OnePlus, OPPO, vivo, Nokia, so OnePlus in India release a new cheap price smartphone, and Strive for more mobile phone share in the Indian market?

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