Redmi K40 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 camera modules use the same design language and frosted glass cover, difference is that K40 Pro stretches the camera module so that the ratio of the K40 Pro camera module is similar to body of phones.

Redmi K40 Pro has a huge 6.67 inch flat display, resolution 1080p refresh rate 120Hz, uses ultra-small centrally-placed hole-punch camera, weight is only 196g and thickness 7.8mm, because it is flat displays, better at preventing false touches on phones with curved displays.

MIUI adds a good function in Redmi K40 series ( Redmi K40 Price, Spec and Reviews ) displays settings to support the original color display, if you turn on this feature, pass the ambient light sensor under warm light, and the k40 phones display will auto-display warm colors like a book, if the phone in cool light, the phone will display a cool colors. will be comfortable to watch the display of smartphone, and the eyes will not be fatigued and glare.

Smartphone top holes is infrared sensor and speaker, and dual speaker supports Dolby Atmos, get true surround sound quality. Redmi K40 series use 4520mAh big battery with a 33w fast charger, battery life 33% charge in 15 minutes, 89% charge in 45 minutes.

Unique selling point was high-quality devices with top of the mid-range, Redmi K40 Pro list a best 1080p e4 AMOLED display, and best mobile phone processor Snapdragon 888 in 2021.

Redmi K40 Pro uses side fingerprint unlock button, similar to iPad Air 4 raised fingerprint recognition button, from recessed fingerprint buttons to raised, the fingerprint penetration rate needs to be improved and fingerprint recognition area larger, advantage is beautiful and unlocking speed and accuracy are better than fingerprint unlocking under of the screen.

MIUI customized functions for fingerprint unlocking buttons, for example, tap to unlock or press to unlock, customize the double-touch function to open apps.

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