Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Features and Prices

Samsung galaxy smarttag

Samsung preempts Apple to launch Galaxy SmartTag tracking gadgets, similar a keychain and add tracking function. demo scene worn on pets, such as cats and dogs, keys, suitcases etc.

Previous leaked functions of Apple’s AirTag is essentially a keychain with a manufacturer’s locating chip, if the item is lost, can be located and searched with a iPhone.

Apple’s AirTag has not been released yet, but the Tracker webpage is already online, also said will be launched in 2021. addition to the positioning function, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag also built-in smarthome control functions.

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Standard version Galaxy SmartTag connected via Bluetooth, the advanced version of SmartTag+ adds UWB technology to the standard version. when you are looking for a device, tell you the specific location of the object, rather than just reminding you when it approaches, includes the SmartThings Find positioning platform.

Tracking range theoretical value is 120 meters, but the actual maximum is 30 meters, about Bluetooth low energy protocol, the Galaxy SmartTag itself does not have positioning and long-distance communication capabilities, relying on smartphone communication for positioning.

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If there are enough phones supported to form a grid, the positioning can be more accurate, low energy consumption, theoretically powered by button batteries for several months, but the application scenarios rely heavily on smartphones, and the protocol itself has more design problems, looking forward to more experience.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Spec

Product Weight 0.459 oz
Product Dimensions 1.54 x 1.54 x 0.39 Inches
Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Type CR2032 (replaceable)

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Price

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, 1-Pack, black color pre-order price $29.99 in official website free shipping and ships by Jan. 27.

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