Smartphones Screen Display Experience Reviews

Smartphone screen

The smartphones screen experience are very complex. more accurately, it should be said that the positive overall experience of the smartphones, including the display quality of the screen, the screen-to-body ratio, touch operation experience, etc.

About screen display area, PPI (Pixels Per Inch) refers display resolution, curve of the glass involves the depth, size and position of the front camera hole, the curved glass screen rate, Refresh rate and flat control area etc.

Because of so many influencing factors, the advantages and disadvantages of screen design and display are completely entangled. such as OnePlus 8 Pro Smartphone first 120Hz refresh display.

Flagship smartphone display own strengths and always has a shortcomings. Samsung and Apple control of screen technology and screen design trends, and their experience is currently the best, which is beyond doubt.

Samsung latest display screen only used by Samsung Galaxy flagship series and Apple. Xiaomi Mi 11 is also a samsung screen this time. Samsung developed its own LTPO OLED technology are currently not available other brand use it. Of course, Xiaomi Mi 11 ( Xiaomi Mi 11 Conference December 28 ) display better than Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. For example, 2K resolution +120Hz high refresh rate.

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