Vivo and ZEISS Announce Global Partnership for Phone imaging

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Vivo and ZEISS Announce Global Partnership for Phone imaging, new VIVO X60 Pro models with the Zeiss logo will have T* coating and use Zeiss portrait photography technology.

Vivo and ZEISS Global Partnership is not just about tuning software algorithms. X60 Pro+ model next year has a 1/1.3″ super-outsole + second-gen micro-head + Zeiss T* coating + Spectra 580 ISP.

What is Zeiss T * coating?

The T* coating accounts for the increased blue sensitivity of the eye in deep twilight and further optimizes light efficiency when required the most. The patent of Carl Zeiss for the invention of the coating of glass surfaces.

Vivo uses its breadth of understanding of smartphone users, and ZEISS uses its depth of optical cognition. Vivo and Zeiss will do a joint imaging laboratory in the future. ZEISS will customize lenses for the VIVO flagship model, which represents Zeiss’s quality, imaging performance, and accuracy. the VIVO X60 Series Smartphone is the first product.

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