VIVO Released New OriginOS


Vivo released New OriginOS. This is VIVO new customized UI OS, Vivo’s New Origin OS invitation, November 18, Shenzhen, Surprising design recombination, without exaggerating function, without neglecting details, to create the ultimate experience.

The feature is functional plugin. VIVO calls it “Nano Kits”. Certain interactive operations can be performed in the components displayed on the smartphone screen. VIVO has designed a new way of displaying content. OriginOS Plugin Nano Kits notification can extract key information from it, and inform users of matters of concern at the right time. It covers typical life scenes and reminds them in an elegant way, so as not to be disturbed or missed.

highlights: 1, The phone temperature curve is clear at a glance.

2, Sky window on the phone, directly showing weather on the screen, similar to live wallpaper.

3, Behavior wallpaper, you can simply add special effects to any wallpaper, such as monochrome, Gaussian blur and sky window, etc., which is very beautiful.

4, Use the blooming process of real flowers to motivate your sports achievements.

5, Parallel time and space, you can switch in parallel between traditional UI and Nano Kits UI.

VIVO OriginOS design style is more interesting. It is flat and simulant. Now and the past are mixed together, you can arbitrarily customize and choose, but the design trend on the plugin is consistent with Apple, keeping up with the trend, it is worth looking forward to!

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