vivo New Buds vivo TWS 3 come with Wireless hifi


vivo TWS 3 buds selling points of the true wireless Hifi function, 360° spatial audio, and 2-fold increase in overall noise reduction performance, vivo official claim with CD-level lossless audio transmission and bit rate up to 1.2Mbps.

In the vivo x90 series phones, built in a professional audio chips, with Hi-Fi level performance, signal-to-noise ratio up to 110dB, added of independent DAC and new lossless codec makes.

From a vivo product manager: ” finalization of new Buds vivo TWS 3, I have listened of three versions with different tunings at the same times, difference solution, but mentioned one of their goals: the combination of model vivo Xplay6 + XE800 is their goal , use wired HiFi to benchmark TWS wireless earbuds.

The vivo TWS 3 buds series brings the industry’s largest range of 5Hz-40kHz, vivo bring true wireless Hi-Fi buds, supported ultra-wideband noise reduction, ultra-high noise reduction depth, let us wait and see it.

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