Xiaomi Announcement Four-curved Waterfall Display Smartphones


Xiaomi official announcement a concept phone four-curved waterfall screen phones, four-curved waterfall screen side edges of a display are curved to 88° a degree that you can’t see any side edge bezel, through self-developed processing equipment, the glass is formed by hot bending at 800° high temperature and pressure.

It takes more than ten complicated polishing procedures to polish a piece of super-curved glass on all sides, attached to the flexible screen, 46 self-developed patented technologies make the speaker, micphone and all eliminated the physical button, original speakers and earpieces replaced by ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics and the industry’s first flexible display screen sound technology.

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Instead replacing it with a pressure-sensitive virtual button, and 3nd-gen under-screen camera lens, supports wireless charging and eSIM card.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are exploring next-generation smartphone technology, but there still a long way to go before mass production.

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