Xiaomi AX6000 Wireless Routers launches WiFi 6 Enhanced

xiaomi ax6000

Xiaomi’s new high-end wireless routers coming soon, ecosystem product new Xiaomi AX6000 wireless routers launches WiFi 6 enhanced, The rate 6000 Mbps and will be released in the same time as Xiaomi 11.

Previously at the Xiaomi 10 series conference, Xiaomi first WiFi 6 wireless router AX3600 and Redmi AX6. have good reviews in the Chinese market.

Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6 (802.11ax) has a significant improvement in transmission rate, signal coverage and data delay compared to the previous-gen, when multiple devices are connected at the same time, WiFi 6 enhanced wireless router can reduce delays, WiFi 6 enabled PCs and devices improve wireless speeds and connectivity for faster gaming, streaming.

WiFi 6 Enhanced bandwidth update and transmission is increased by 20%, and the final network speed up to 3.5Gbps, support 4K QAM coding, upgrade to 160MHz bandwidth.

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