Xiaomi official: Xiaomi Band 7 will be launch on May 24

xiaomi band 7

President of Xiaomi Group Mobile Phone Department Zeng Xuezhong say: “As of today, sales of Xiaomi Band have reached 140 million and Redmi new product launch conference at 19:00 May 24” and claim that Xiaomi Band 7 is strongest cheap fitness trackers around ever.

In July 2014, the first generation of Xiaomi Mi Band was released, and the cheap price, at that time other brands such as Misfit and jawbone. price from 150 USD to 300 USD, and the Xiaomi mi Band only 15 USD.

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Some people asking different about Xiaomi Band 7 and Xiaomi Band 6, difference display updated to 1.62-inch AMOLED display, the viewing area is increased by 25%, resolution 490×192 pixels, the battery capacity is 250mAh, and will be add a oxygen level monitoring sensor.

Xiaomi Band 7 have standard version and NFC version. new Xiaomi band 7 range will have Xiaomi’s biggest increase in better health monitoring, longer battery life.

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