Xiaomi China officially start “Micare Guarantee Service”.


Xiaomi China officially start “Micare Guarantee Service”. 2 years of broken screen guarantee + 1 year of extended warranty service + 1 year of value preservation and renewal.

2nd times broken screensaver in 2 years, if the screen is damaged by human accident within 2 years after the phone is purchased and activated, you can enjoy the service guarantee of 2nd free replacement of the original screen. Note that this is only the screen damage, not the accidental protection of the phone. If you Damage to the rear shell or water damage to the motherboard is not covered by the guarantee.

The one-year extended warranty is equivalent to the purchased mobile phone. Within two years of activation, if the smartphone malfunctions or is damaged due to the quality of the smartphone itself, you can enjoy free repair or replacement service guarantee.

In the future Xiaomi plan giving users a certain discount before the end of the guarantee period, and transferring the protection service to the new smartphone, such as Micare Plus protection service and replacing the broken smartphones.

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