Xiaomi Group releases 2020 Q3 financial report


Xiaomi Group releases 2020 Q3 financial report today, total revenue was 72.2 billion RMB, increase of 34.5%. The adjusted net profit was 4.1 billion RMB. Both revenue and profit hit record highs, exceeding market expectations.

Smartphone shipments have returned to the top 3 in the world, and Western European smartphone market has also entered the top 3. AIoT business continues to lead, with smart TV shipments ranking top one in China.

Smartphone revenue of 47.6 billion RMB, global shipments of 46.6 million units. global smartphone market share is 13.5%, ranking among the top 3, and the only one of the top five manufacturers is growing (Canalys data) The average ASP of smartphones reached 1022.3 RMB ($155 USD ), Advertising business revenue hit a record high in a single quarter, reaching 3.3 billion RMB.

Global market ( Except for the Chinese market) revenue reached RMB 39.8 billion, and the proportion of overseas market revenue reached a record high.

-Global sales of flagship smartphones exceed 8 million units, and the world’s first 80W wireless charger.
-AIoT platform connects 289 million devices, Xiaomi Xiaoai Intelligent AI has 78.4 million monthly active users.
-Shipment of 3.1 million smart TVs, ranking first in China and top five in the world.

Xiaomi Hong Kong stock price rose by 8.02% during the intraday session yesterday. The highest stock price reached 27.6 HKD, a record high, with a market value of over HK$660 billion (approximately RMB 558.7 billion). The cumulative increase this year has reached 155%.

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1 thought on “Xiaomi Group releases 2020 Q3 financial report

  1. Internet AD revenue was RMB 3.3 billion, in September 2020, Global monthly active users of MIUI OS were 368 million.

    In September 2020, there were 35.8 million monthly active users of Xiaomi TV and Mi Boxes.
    Overseas Internet AD revenue was RMB 700 million.

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