Xiaomi Mi Multi-coil Wireless Fast Charging Pad Start sale Today


The Xiaomi Mi multi-coil wireless fast charging pad start sale today, the mat capable of simultaneously charging three devices, the wireless mat made of silica gel, PC and aluminum alloy, has three charging areas and built-in 19 charging coils.

Wireless mat come with a 120 watt charger and charger cables, Xiaomi officially announced the video yesterday, use Xiaomi Mi multi-coil wireless fast charging pad, changed a wireless charging desk, craftsman dug 20 holes in the wooden board, use wireless pad to form a 4×5 matrix, which happens to fill the entire desktop, which can satisfy 40 wireless device for wireless charging together.

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Wireless pad works on the Qi wireless protocol support all qi charger, Gizmoweek use wireless pad charge for 20 minutes, the maximum surface temperature 37 degrees, the biggest advantage is no noise.

Xiaomi Mi multi-coil wireless fast charging pad price at 599 RMB in China market, also the wireless mat available in Vodabuy, Get a $ 2 USD discount voucher for your Vodabuy spend, Coupon code “vodaoff2” .

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