Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro Reviews + Case Keyboard + stylus


Xiaomi launch Mi Pad 5 Pro already half a month, Gizmoweek has been used for sometimes, brief review of the highlight for Mi Pad 5 Pro : 11-inch 2.5K 120Hz refresh rate LCD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, 8600mAh+67W fast charger battery life 8-speaker surround sound.

Hands-on Mi Pad 5 Pro, controlling the thickness and weight to the extreme is the biggest feature of this tablets. The material on the back of his back feels like plastic in texture, with a glossy effect.

DisPlay 2.5K (2560 x 1600 WQHD+) 120Hz refresh rate LCD, best display quality and viewing angle, the screen has reflective problems under a slightly stronger light source, the Mi Pad running MIUI for Pad OS, smooth but it is not as the iPad Pro tablets experience.

The left and right split display also be auto-realized inside on MIUI for Pad OS, which solves the problem of app adaptation. example: if open a Twitter, will auto open on the right, left side of the upper menu remains unchanged. want watch a movie, will also open the lower-level menu on the right. smart and auto split display brings more possibilities to the use of Mi Pad 5 Pro

The stylus is made of plastic, it is very light, can be charged battery directly when it is sucked to the top. the stylus should be purchased separately the price is $99, also the Mi Pad 5 / Mi Pad 5 Pro available in Vodabuy online store.

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