Xiaomi responds to US Department of Defense Blocking


Xiaomi Group responds to US Department of Defense add Blocking list, Xiaomi company has always to lawful and compliant operations and abided by the relevant laws and regulations of the place of business. services and products are used for civilian or commercial, confirms is not owned, controlled or affiliated by the Chinese military.

Xiaomi will take appropriate measures to protect the interests of the company and shareholders. Xiaomi Group reviewing the potential consequences of the incident in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of its impact on the group and will issue further announcements in due course.

US administration blacklists Xiaomi a Chinese military company (reuters news), news directly impacted the stock price (01810.HK ). Decline up to 15% before opening, As of Beijing time, Hong Kong stock market closes, Xiaomi drops 10.26%, 10 days ago, Xiaomi hit a maximum of 34.3 Hong Kong dollars.

Gizmoweek think the blocking list different from Huawei’s ban list. Xiaomi can still continue to purchase technology, Electronic components, such as chips, integrated solutions, and systems from American companies. just that American investors need to divest corporate securities. for Xiaomi, there is no serious impact at present.

Gizmoweek received the latest statistics report last week. new model Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone ranked top one in the 4K-5K (RMB) price range of the Chinese mobile phone market in all channels, and Android phones ranked top one in the 4K+ (RMB) price range.

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