aptX Adaptive VS LHDC codec, how to buy best TWS earbuds

Snapdragon Sound

Many people are happy with true wireless headphones, how to buy best TWS earbuds, Qualcomm aptX Adaptive vs LDAC which is better, does’t have two spec with aptX Adaptive and LHDC codec TWS earbuds.

LHDC for low-latency and high-definition audio codec and was developed by the Hi-Res Wireless Audio (HWA) Union and Savitech, LHDC better in bit rate and THD+N and dynamic range. in sound quality the LHDC codec is better than aptX Adaptive, if you’re looking for a low-latency performance Bluetooth codec.

Obviously, aptX Adaptive only supported by Qualcomm newer chips, only Bluetooth 24-bit/96kHz version in flagship SOC ship platforms smartphones. Snapdragon Sound not a new-gen codec of the aptX family, based on aptX Adaptive.

In the Gizmoweek’s post, “Snapdragon Sound tech not a second-gen codec of the aptX family, still based on aptX Adaptive.

A good earbuds should fit most ear shapes with low-latency and high-definition, interesting to get details with different Bluetooth codec: think of SBC as the lowest common denominator among Bluetooth codecs, AAC requires much more processing power than SBC or aptX, AAC is mainly used by Apple products such as iPhones, and it provides higher sound quality than that of SBC. AAC connection is not necessarily worse than AptX Adaptive sound quality.

SBC was initially designed to obtain passable audio quality at medium bit rates. maximum bit rate of SBC is 328Kbps, while the maximum bit rate of AAC reach to 512kbps. AptX Adative dynamically between 279Kbps – 420Kbps.

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