Samsung Galaxy S21/S22 Connect chips (WiFi Bluetooth) Specifications Reviews

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung launched galaxy s series flagship phones, model Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Ultra etc, Gizmoweek let’s talk Connect chips WiFi and Bluetooth codec function of the Galaxy S21 and S22 series.

As we all know, Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chips are external, So previous generation flagship model S21 series phones, when the main chip is powered by Snapdragon 888, when you running spec view apps to detect the chip specifications, you will find that there multiple specifications of the connect chip, Qualcomm FastConnect 6800 and 6900, Broadcom BCM4375 and BCM4389.

FastConnect 6900 and Broadcom BCM 4389 support bandwidth 160MHz, but the 4KQAM of chips FastConnect 6900 does not support. all S21 ultra phones use Broadcom latest connect chips, S21 use Qualcomm FastConnect series.

In the New Samsung Galaxy S22 series, S22+ use Broadcom connect chips. S22 also uses Qualcomm’s latest FastConnect 6900, but doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6E and bandwidth 160MHz.

– Galaxy S22 : FastConnect 6900 ( doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6E and 160MHz), storage UFS 3.1 Gen 2

– Galaxy S22+ : BCM4389 (supports Wi-Fi 6E and 160MHz), storage UFS 3.1 Gen 2

– Galaxy S22 Ultra : BCM4389 (supports Wi-Fi 6E and 160MHz), storage UFS 3.1 Gen 3

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Galaxy S22 Bluetooth

Input multiple codecs powered by the latest chips . For example, Qualcomm FastConnect 6800, 6900, 6700 support aptX Adaptive, FastConnect support for Snapdragon sound, but the Bluetooth codec supports the same specifications, both LDAC, aptX, As for LHDC, check the TWS of the phones detailed specifications LHDC.

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