Tiny details noticed in your iPhone iOS


Summarize the tiny details noticed in your iPhone iOS, today Gizmoweek show some iOS, there are always new features to explore on the iPhone, know something you will never know.

Top 1 : iOS app clock icon, clock app icon shows the current time, complete with moving second hand, after long-pressing to enter the editing interface, there will be the original uniform walking and entering the mechanical walking.

EDIT’S PICK: iPhone 13 Green and iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green

Top 2 : iOS app maps icon show a location of Apple’s headquarters. the Maps icon shows a sliver of the spaceship.

Top 3 : Safari browser app, old Safari compass icon and new compass icon moving, because in real life the magnetic North Pole, which is always on the move.

Top 4 : Voice Memos app – the icon for Voice Memos is a waveform representation of the word “Apple”

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