Genshin Impact iOS iPad/iPhone Supports Xbox PS4/PS5 controller

Genshin Impact iOS iPad/iPhone Update Supports Xbox and PS4/PS5 controller

Today Genshin Impact iOS version come with a major update, both iPad and iPhone version support PS4 and xBox controllers, Gizmoweek use PS 4 controllers test and running it, with PS4/PS5 controller connect to iPad.

How to connect a PS4/PS5 Game Controller to your iPad or iPhone

– Press and hold the SHARE + PS button at the same time.

– Wait for the PS 4/5 controller start blinking blue light.

– Check iPad or iPhone, wireless connection device> Other devices> Touch and connection (DualSense Wireless Controller).

– PS4/PS5 Game Controller Successfully connected

iPad or iPhone Enter in Genshin Impact game app, going setting > control device, change from touch screen selection to game controller, now the Genshin Impact gaming screen completely controlled by the gamepad.

Now PS4/PS5 controller X button is a return function, R1 as sprint button, L1 button is a shortcut menu, for more button functions, please test it.

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Note: PS4 controller support paired with iPad/iPhone to play, if you want use PS5 controller, please upgrade iPad to iPadOS 14.5 developer beta version.

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2 thoughts on “Genshin Impact iOS iPad/iPhone Supports Xbox PS4/PS5 controller

  1. hope PlayStation & Platinum Games can work together on some AA indie titles. Would be incredible to see the Genji series get a remake with their style in combat design, too!

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