Super Mario Bros 35th limited edition Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros 35th anniversary, Nintendo officially launched the new “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and 35th anniversary limited color edition Switch, will be available on the official website on February 12, with a suggested price of $300.

Mario Red & Blue color version, designed to pay tribute to Mario, inject a bright red to build the console, Game console base and Joy-Cons controller complemented by blue handle and protective shell, with yellow fasteners, zippers and other details to add the finishing to the whole.

This is the first Nintendo Switch console with a non-black cover, and the console, charging base, Joy-Con, Joy-Con lanyard, and Joy-Con handle are all designed with Mario’s classic color.

Gizmoweek have tweet about the info, many Nintendo gamers discuss :

“The ACNH Switch is full of personality and thought. This one is just… red and blue. I wouldn’t even know it’s supposed to be a Mario Switch if I wasn’t told. Does it have Mario designs on the back or anything? ”

“Would have been better if at the very least, the joycons were red and green. It just really needs something more to make it actually Mario themed – maybe his iconic M on the dock or something.”

“Looks cool but still like the black and gray better. The cooling fan in mine sounds busted so now I need a replacement”

“Wait a minute wouldn’t it make sense to switch the blue and red to the opposite since it would match Mario’s chest perfectly? They kinda fucked this design up and it triggers me”

“Hang on a second, isn’t it a bit odd to release a 35th anniversary colour scheme on the year after the 35th anniversary? Face with tears of joy”

“I saw a theory saying that it was supposed to come out last year for the 35th, but due to covid they decided to push back the release and announced it this year instead.”

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