How to getting a good night’s sleep with iPhone and Apple Watch


How to getting a good night’s sleep, Apple Health app to edit alarm settings, help you get a better night’s sleep, if there is only one iPhone, Remember, never use the iPhone clock app alarm clock.

First, open the Health app and tap “Sleep” and tap “Full Schedule & Options” set when you’d like to go to bed and wake up, tap “Sleep Goal” setting total sleep time, you can choose 7 hours, 8 hours or more.

At your bedtime, By default, iPhone enters sleep mode 15 minutes early, iPhone do not disturb during sleep, notifications you no longer want to receive, and dim the lock screen to limit distractions and protect your sleep.

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Get up the next day, the wake up alarm default music from weak to strong, soothing music, when the alarm on, you can select the big orange button to take a nap for 10 minutes, turn off the alarm, the iPhone lock screen will push weather forecast, A new day begins.

If have a Apple watch and sleep with a apple watch, please use a silicone strap, good thing about the silicone rubber watch band is that it is non-toxic, soft and nice on my skin.

If sleep mode complete in iPhone, your Apple watch automatically enter in sleep mode, and support edit your sleep schedule on your Apple Watch, turn my wrist the screen stopped lighting up. Wake up time, Apple watch vibrates to wake me, there is no activity on iPhone.

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Wear your watch to bed, and Apple Watch can track your quality of sleep using its multiple sensors, such as the length of sleep, the heartbeat during sleep, measure blood oxygen levels on new Apple Watch 6.

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