New Switch Pro use Nvidia Graphics chip and 7-inch OLED Display

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s has development new Switch Pro will be use new Nvidia Graphics chip, Nintendo plans to launch before the end of the year, price at $400 USD.

New Switch Pro upgreade to 6GB RAM and bring a better new processor CPU, with a larger Samsung 7-inch OLED display resolution of 720P and support DLSS deep learning super sampling technology, when plugged into a TV dock mode output 4K resolution.

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New Switch Pro news trending in Twitter:

@JakX62: “I agree it would be perfect for Nintendo switch Pro. To me it not worth spending $400, on when Digital PS5 offers more hardware performance at same price.”

@drewbee: “4k would be cool for a switch pro, but what they really need to focus on is frame rate performance. Age of Calamity is pretty much unplayable for couch co-op. Me and ash tried it out and the FPS drops to like 5 lol. If a pro fixed that I would buy it”

@FlaNaFranca: “It sounds like awesome upgrade for sure. It s more that I recently bought a new switch, unless the exclusive games are too good not to miss, I will probably be more excited for the sony exclusives than the switch pro exclusives =P”

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