ProRAW work with iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

ProRAW Apple

Apple’s new iOS 14.3 update and enables the ProRAW work with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, With this function, can take ProRAW photos on iPhone. Apple ProRAW photos are in DNG format, so we can edit them in Photo App or third-party apps that support DNG format.

Apple’s new iOS 14.3 other update : added Safari’s search engine Ecosia, “Air Quality Index” in the weather, new recording videos, added PAL format, added health tracking “pregnancy” items, added Apple Watch access to aerobic exercise, new Added DualSense controllers that support PS5, added software updates in the home, and added Fitness+ and AirPods Max support.

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Apple also released the official version of MAC OS Big Sur 11.1. new features include AirPods Max support, Mac App Store privacy label, TV application new Apple TV+ tab, and photo application can edit ProRAW format photos.

Open the ProRAW function: “Settings”-“Camera”-“Format”-“Apple ProRaw” After opening ProRAW, the photos will be stored in DNG format, and the storage size will become about 25MB. The ProRAW function will provide more post-production space and exciting gameplay. you can direct make post adjustments in the editing page of the photo app, or you can use third-party app such as Lightroom to perform more in-depth post-editing of photos.

Apple ProRAW multi-frame image processing and computational photography, such as deep fusion and smart HDR, and all four cameras are available. shooting without delay. you can take advantage of the preset noise reduction and multi-frame exposure adjustments to take and save more time to fine-tune the color and white balance.

“Snapseed” software update supports RAW photo editing function, just turn on “Development”. For the same RAW photo, only adjust the effect difference in the shadow part.

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Apple ProRAW has already processed the noise in the photos, so different from the RAW on Android OS. only need to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlight shadow and white balance parameters.

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