Apple AirPods Max H1 Chip and Sensor Reviews

airpods max

About Apple AirPods Max, Different from traditional audio headphone brands, Apple makes high-end flagship headphones. you can see that AirPods Max weighs 385g and only Lightning wired input audio interface. Apple AirPods Max is more like a smart audio device, multi-sensor functions and multi-microphone hardware 2 low-power H1 chips serve it.

Wearing position adaptive, active noise reduction adaptive, head-mounted sponge adaptive, gyroscope and spatial audio combination. All based on sensors and algorithm computing power.

Sensors and more data can truly bring AirPods Max headphones Close to human voice and noise reduction functions and algorithms in to play on low-power chips. However, other brands audio be short of embedded hardware research and development capabilities are already at their limit to use mature solutions to make a TWS headphones.

EDIT PICK: Apple launches headphones AirPods Max

If it is true that each channel of 9 microphones is directly connected to H1 for algorithm processing, then the H1 chip is really leading too much. two H1 chips can get all the required bandwidth, and the noise reduction can be used for 20 hours.

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