Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Fast Charging Test

Galaxy z fold 2 charging test

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the best phone of 2020, Today Gizmoweek test Galaxy Z fold 2 smartphone fast charging, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 phones use a 4500mAh battery, and the package comes with a 25W power adapter. Compared with the previous gen Galaxy Fold smartphones, the battery capacity and charging power are improved.

In this test, look at the charging speed and compatibility of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Galaxy Z Fold 2 and other Samsung flagship smartphone support PD 3.0 fast charging and supports 25W peak power. you can check it on apps setting> about phone→status, you can see the 9V 2.77A logo, it’s a peak charging rating.

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Use the original 25W adapter charge total time from 2% to 100% is 1 hour 22 minutes. After charging to 60 minutes, the speed will slow down. Observe the power curve, the peak power is 22W-24W, the highest power has been maintained before 6 minutes 30 seconds before charging, stay in the 16W~18W range for a long time, charging about 41 minutes, it will drop to 12 W – 15W.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 adapter compatibility test

Test high-power PD adapter type c port, PD adapters support PPS of 3A or above, make Galaxy Z Fold2 reach to peak power. please remember to turn on the fast charging function. In the system charging options, charging function is turned off by default.

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Using Anker PowerPort III Nano PD 3.0, fast charger power is 14W – 16W. through the test, Galaxy Z Fold2 smartphones compatible with PD/QC/AFC protocol, if you want fast charging, buy a supports 3A PD power adapter.

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