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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung officially update One UI 3, based on Android 11. The Galaxy S20 series will receive the update first, and then the Galaxy Note 20, Z Fold 2, Z Flip, Note 10, Fold and S10 series.

Today talk about Galaxy Z fold 2 120Hz refresh rate screen and shot pictures, If you are using the Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone, you must turn on the 120Hz refresh of the screen to feel the power of the folding screen.

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One detail is that the column for setting the refresh rate of the internal screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 smartphone is called “Motion Fluency”, and the column corresponding to 120Hz is called “Adaptive”.

So why doesn’t Samsung just call it “120Hz” and call it adaptive? The original Galaxy Z Fold2 smartphone can detect what you are doing, automatically adjust the refresh rate display, and the adaptive screen refresh rate can be dynamically switched from 11Hz to 120Hz. This will ensure a smooth experience while saving power to the greatest extent.

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone uses 100MP best shooting picture. In the case of insufficient light, shooting can bring better highlight suppression. Of course, Galaxy Note20 ultra smartphone normal shooting is based on 9 in 1, single shot the resolution of the photo is 4000*3000, and the resolution of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is 4032*3024.

Samsung 100MP shooting experience is good, shooting speed, network upload speed fast. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone uses 100MP camera also has shortcomings. 1 : outsole blur problem at close focus, and the other is the highlight overflow in low light. The same problem has appeared in several other 100MP smartphones.

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