iPhone 13 Green and iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green

iPhone 13 Green

Apple just finished its spring new product launch event, tell us what you think about the release of the product, iPhone 13 series launched a new color, iPhone 13 Green and iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green.

Since last year’s iPhone 12 series launched color purple, get good reviews. GizmoWeek premonition will be a new color for the iPhone at the spring event 2022, may become a routine for Apple product launches.

iPhone 13 glossy an unnamed dark green color is a brand new color, in the official promotional video of Apple’s Spring Conference 2022, A series of green elements such as crocodile, mantis, pitcher plant and emerald appeared, from the official information, I think the iPhone 13 green texture is better than the iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green, 13 Pro series color sierra blue might look better.

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1 thought on “iPhone 13 Green and iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green

  1. Which color will replace Sierra Blue and become the hot color of the iPhone 14 Pro, looking forward it !

    Social Media Made Two Purple color for iPhone 14 Pro

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