VIVO OriginOS Behavior Dynamic Wallpaper Experience


Favorite highlights of VIVO OriginOS Behavior Dynamic Wallpaper, media invitation VIVO Released New OriginOS conference is a flower blooming in the vitreous body, the flowering dynamic wallpaper of vivo OriginOS, gradually blooming with the number of number of walks you move in a day.

The wallpaper uses a very unique underlying rendering and special effects algorithm technology, which can present a magnificent visual perception. OS can correspond to the opening degree of the flowers according to the number of walks you have completed.

OriginOS redesigned desktop, widgets, wallpapers, icons and interactions, after completing the step goal for the day, the flowers will fully bloom. Every time lock the screen, see this dynamic clear flower blooming process.

VIVO OriginOS have seven flowering dynamic wallpaper collection, Seven wallpapers correspond to each day of the week, you can setting to auto switch wallpapers daily. Gizmoweek upload a OriginOS flowering dynamic wallpaper video on Youtube Channel.

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