Compare Xiaomi Mi 11 Vs iQOO 7, Running Genshin Impact 60 frames

Compare Mi 11 VS iQOO 7

Xiaomi Mi 11 and iQOO 7 are the first flagship phones with the latest built-in Snapdragon 888 SoC, Gizmoweek running online game Genshin Impact top picture quality + 60 frames, test limit Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 benchmarks, and understand the temperature control strategy of smartphone manufacturers performance.

Running online game “Genshin Impact” 20-minute of Xiaomi Mi 11, can be maintained at 50-60 frames, and the frame rate stable. but the max temperature of the Mi 11 reached 45 degrees after 4-minutes of the games, and max-temperature of the Mi 11 reached 50 degrees after 8-minutes, top-temperature reached 53 degrees running the games, and pops up a “temperature is too high” warning.

The temperature of the iQOO 7 Smartphone reached 44 degrees after 5-minutes of the gaming, and the frame rate 40-50 frames. highest temperature was 45 degrees after 20 minutes of gaming. frame rate fluctuates between 40-50 frames.

So Gizmoweek think Xiaomi Mi 11 likes to use the Snapdragon 888 new X1 prime core and 3x middle cores, so running big online gaming, Mi 11 support highest picture quality and frame rate, and iQOO 7 smartphone likes to use 3x middle cores and small 4x Cortex-A55 cores, control the temperature but cannot maintain the best performance.

You can choose to sacrifice temperature to maintain the best image quality and performance, or you can reduce use of X1 prime cores to achieve a balance between temperature and image quality.

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