How to control Mijia smarthome from HomePod mini

mi home app

The method only Mijia smarthome devices ( such as : Mijia desk lamp) not support HomeKit. If purchased support HomeKit protocol mijia smarthome device ( wireless gateway, smart speaker and Smart Home Kits, smart led light ) just call it directly in the Mijia app from iPhone.

Gizmoweek manual step by step setup it
1, Download Mi Home from apple app store.
2, Open the Mijia app and click the “+”
3, Touch “Manual execution”
4, Select the smart device you want to control.
5, Select the function of the smart device. For example : select a lamp in the step, you can choose “Turn on the light” in the next step.
6, Touch “Save”
7, Touch “Add to Siri”
8, Support custom voice, such as “turn on the light”
9, Save

Support setting the “light on” voice, and “light off” voice and brighten, dim, warm light, and cold light. If buy a Mijia desk lamp does not support the Homekit protocol, this a good solution.

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