How to Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch?


Apple officially OTA iOS 14.5 big update, even if you wear a mask, unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch, how to enable the feature unlock iPhone with Apple Watch?

Please tap Setting apps go to Face ID & Passcode, find the Unlock with Apple Watch, then tap turn on the feature, When unlocked by watch, a vibration notification will be issued on the watch , experience test unlocking speed is the same as Face ID.

When the iPhone is successfully unlocked through the watch, the Apple watch will display a message “iPhone has been unlocked successfully” , was unlocked with your watch via a notification that pops up on your wrist, If someone else unlocked via Apple watch, you can tap watch screen to lock iPhone, your iPhone will be locked again. If you unlock it again, only screen password unlock the iPhone.

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If the Apple watch is worn by other people, iPhone will be successfully unlocked? once the Apple watch leaves the wrist, watch have wrist detection enabled, your Apple Watch has a passcode enabled.

iOS 14.5 update also added of emoji expressions, and the combination of expressions of different skin tones. also officially supports Apple Tag (Apple AirTag How do works with iPhone? How to pair AirTag with your iPhone? ).

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