How to upgrade Xiaomi Mi Router new firmware ROM

xiaomi mi router

Have a Mi wifi Router, can’t update firmware to new version ? router problems and solutions, automatic or manual firmware upgrade, article will show you steps on how to manually upgrade your xiaomi routers.

Downloading the firmware, download and save the firmware from the mi wifi page (Chinese webpage) select ROM, Gizmoweek recommend to use Chrome browser and use Google translation function switch the language to English. the webpage list will show all xiaomi and redmi series router model ( Xiaomi AX6000, AX3600, AX1800, AC2100, 4c,4a, Redmi AX6, AX5 etc ) click download format is .bin fireware file to your computer.

Xiaomi Redmi AX6 Router Firmware Update 1.1.3 : Mesh function

Xiaomi AX3600 Router upgrade v1.1.12 ROM

Launch a web browser, address, or enter in the browser in the address bar and login your router password.

Going setting > system status > manual update, select the download .bin file that you have downloaded then click upgrade button. ( Do NOT turn OFF the power or press the reset button of the router during the upgrade process)

Xiaomi Led light status:

Blue light on: The system is running normally and uboot is successfully flashing.
Blue light flashes: There is a new version of the firmware system can be updated.
Yellow light on: Boot is starting, the system is starting, and the router is reset.
Yellow light flashes: the hard disk is formatted, the hard disk state is repaired, and the uboot flashing state.
Red light on: system crashes, uboot flashing fails.
Red light flashes: enter the small system mode or restore the system mode.

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