Xiaomi AX3600 Router upgrade v1.1.12 ROM

Xiaomi router

Xiaomi router AX3600 AIoT upgrade new ROM v1.1.12, Mesh function big upgrade, access wifi device increased by 1.5 times, visit the official site download ROM and manual update. Xiaomi routers AX1800 and Redmi AX5, Redmi AX6 router will also new ROM for Mesh function update, push OTA upgrades before the end of March.

Update list :

– WiFi Mesh network function is upgraded to support hybrid networking with Xiaomi AX6000 Router router.

– Support WiFi Mesh networking in AP mode, entering Mesh network wifi device update from 4 device to 10 devices.

– Optimize the experience of using WiFi 2.4G network and with some IOT devices.

– Router’s web-based setup page and configure settings adds new functions such as the default gateway of the DHCP server, and supports custom configuration.

– IPv6 native mode supports remote access to intranet servers.

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6 thoughts on “Xiaomi AX3600 Router upgrade v1.1.12 ROM

  1. Mi Router AX3600 stable version log 1.1.15 (updated on April 1, 2021)
    1. The Mesh function is newly upgraded to support hybrid networking with Xiaomi routers AX6000, AX3600, AX1800, Redmi routers AX5/AX6.

    2. Support Mesh networking in AP mode, and the maximum number of access devices in the entire Mesh network is increased to 10;

    3. Fix other known issues;

    1. Hi, have you ever converted a AX3600 from global to chinese and then tried to use the app ? i can’t get it to wrok when i convert to chinese :\

      1. Hi
        Can you please explain how you safely updated your router from global to Chinese? I tried it with my mi 4a router and now it’s a brick 🙁

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