How to use smartphone camera shot better picture

How to use smartphone camera shot better picture

How to use smartphone camera shot better picture? I believe doubt in the minds of many users. no manual for the camera of the phones, the operation is simple but the function is complicated, Gizmoweek manual help you understand camera phone photography.

Camera phone photography is very convenient in operation, no adjustment is required, just simply press the camera shot button. but in the processing, a colorful on a small smartphone, the process is quite complicated, and compared with digital cameras, many steps are added.

Please use the original phone camera app

Any brand smartphone please use original phone camera app, original camera applications of the smartphone, manufacturers have optimized the photography function of this phones the most. should use the original camera for taking pictures or video recording. If you like some third party camera apps, you must process it in the third party apps after shooting with the original camera.

Check the camera apps default settings

Enter the camera apps, the phone will remember some of our settings, even after turning off the camera or closing the process in the settings, most of the settings will still be saved, but the focal length of the photo will not be saved, it will auto-switch back to the main camera. Many times taking pictures is a bit strange, maybe forgot to turn off some options, such as forgetting to turn off the vivid mode, which makes the colors look very saturated.

Dirty camera lens often affects the photo

If the camera lens dirty, will cause the contrast of the picture to drop, fogging, and some strange glare. material of the outermost layer of the camera lens is different, and the probability of being easily contaminated is also different.

Every time shoot, should wipe the camera lens carefully with a lens cloth, or clean clothes, and we should always check whether the camera lens is dirty when taking pictures.

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Understand the smartphone shot

The preview screen taken by the phone is not consistent with the final photos. because the processing path of the smartphone preview screen is different from that of taking pictures. The processing required for taking pictures will be more complicated and require additional processing time. at present, consistent picture is iPhone.

Hold my camera phone steady

Every photo taken by a smartphone is based on multiple exposures, and multiple frames are superimposed. multiple frames of information from the same camera at different times, or from different cameras at the same time are used to reduce noise, increase clarity, image fusion, and HDR synthesis.

The blurring caused by moving objects and hand shaking in the picture is the natural enemy of multi-frame superimposition, especially when the picture is taken by the same camera at different times and then synthesized.

Although there are mature algorithms in the smartphones, it can judge and remove the jittery frames, and then perform fine global and local alignment of the images at different positions during the handheld shooting process.

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However, the shaking caused by the instability of the handheld may still bring various effects to the imaging of the phones, as well as unstable effects.

Whether you hold the phone horizontally or vertically, without other stabilizing device, using the example shown in the following figure to Keep smartphone steady while shot picture, taking high-quality photos.

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