OnePlus Oxygen OS OTA Update pushed Fixed display bug of IMEI


OnePlus Oxygen OS team version OTA update has been pushed, update includes fixed display bug of IMEI, if your OnePlus 9 series phone swtich from Color OS to Oxygen OS ( How to Switch install Oneplus 9 Pro ColorOS to OxygenOS)

OnePlus 9 Oxygen OS update tracker :
System :
– Improved charging stability
– Improved the sensitivity of the keyboard in the edge area
– Improved the temperature control strategy
– Fixed the issue that the battery icon in the status bar is abnormally displayed
– Fixed the small probability issue that Google Fi SIM card can not accept incoming calls
– Fixed known issues and improved system stability
– Updated Android security patch to 2021.04
– Updated GMS package to 2021.03

Camera :
– Improved the image purity and the ambiance performance
– Improved the white balance consistency of the rear camera
– Improved image over-sharpening of the rear camera

P.S : OnePlus 9 series Oxygen OS turn on DC dimming method, run the following command in ADB shell:

am start-activity -a oneplus.intent.action.ONEPLUS_LAB_FEATURE_DETAILS -e oneplus_lab_feature_key oneplus_dc_dimming_value

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  1. OnePlus official Build software upgrade download updated on May 7, EU ver Version , US Version , IN Version

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